Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Team Outdoor Mindset Goes to Moab

So...this is how I was going to start:

Outdoor Mindset will have a presence as “Team OM” in the Adventure XStream Moab Adventure Race. Just as we’ll be navigating our way through the race using nothing but a compass, map and a trust in our designated navigation point person; Outdoor Mindset’s Guide Program has great hopes to inspire our Guides to leverage their own experience in facing a neurological challenge to help navigate OM Travelers through a new diagnosis.

But then I decided that while it’s a good one, I rely on metaphors WAY too much when writing blogs, so forget that idea. Next, I thought about writing this:

While I’ve participated in a few races in the past, for me, the Moab Adventure Race that Team Outdoor Mindset will be competing in will be the most difficult challenge to date, by far. Over 50 miles of kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, rappelling and navigating takes another level and different style of training than I’m used to. However, as will be true during the race; when I’m on my last few miles of any given training day, what pulls me through is thinking of the many people we hope to serve through our Guide Program that find it difficult (or impossible) to enjoy these sports due to the limits of their neurological condition.

Now, while its absolutely true that a week ago I wanted to stop hammering my mountain bike up the hill to take a break; but literal flashes of people unable to get on a bike due to a neuro disorder pushed me through; I realize that this perspective of “why we race” has been done. [que Lance Armstrong]. So then I decided to cover logistics:

We’re pumped to have a team in the Moab Adventure Race on Saturday March 26, 2011. 50 miles, 8 hours, multiple disciplines, a 4 person team (made up of 3 board members, 2 of them brain tumor dudes) and plans to have a hell of a time; or goal is to raise awareness and funds for Outdoor Mindset. Check out our Crowdrise Page. Training is an 8 week minimum and includes all disciplines at various distances as well as core strength work outs. Here’s a snapshot of the typical Training Plan. Sometimes we train individually, sometimes as a team; but having a specific goal in sight with an entire team relying on each other is motivation enough. For a quick video of what’s in store:

Huh...while we think it’s pretty cool, the details might not be the most engaging topic of conversation.

So in the end, I included it all; why not cover what I was thinking when writing about our upcoming Adventure Race and let you pick the story that resonates. Come on...don’t act like you’re not a fan of the Hardy Boys.

book cover of 

Dead On Target 

 (Hardy Boys Casefiles, book 1)


Franklin W Dixon

We'll be tracking our progress, snapping photos and filming video the whole way. So, stay tuned-in to this blog, Facebook and Twitter to follow along. It's going to be a blast and it's the first of many events that we'll be participating in this summer.


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  1. Hope more good news for Team OM and Outdoor Mindset after tomorrow. :)