Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Adventure Scholarship Report: Maggie

    Outdoor Mindset's Adventure Scholarship wants to provide those who live with neurological challenges the ability to go on their dream adventure! Maggie Morehart, an avid OM member and exercise enthusiast was one of the most recent scholarship winners!

    Maggie has been through a lot since high school, but she doesn't let that stop her in her pursuit of living a healthy and happy lifestyle...
    "I was diagnosed with migraine and related conditions in high school. My diagnosis led me to learn more about my brain and the way it functions (or sometimes malfunctions as a result of my genes). Having a name for my disease allowed me to learn more, but I also found that there is a lot of stigma around these kinds of diseases. Over the years, I’ve encountered a lot of that stigma, which I think Outdoor Mindset is helping to slowly dispel. I love that OM is focused more on ability than disability and encourages members to accomplish their goals despite neurological challenges. When you have a chronic illness, it’s important to remember that you still have the potential to do awesome things. Maybe you do them a little differently, but that’s ok.
  I’m lucky to have a great doctor who helped me find a relatively successful treatment plan. Since I started the medications I currently take, my quality of life has greatly improved, and I feel like I have more control over my symptoms and my life. I’ve found inspiration in other people who have overcome obstacles... My friends and family have probably been my biggest inspiration. I’m lucky to have a wonderful support system that includes some great role models who keep me moving forward. 
Read all about her experience with OM's Adventure Scholarship:

   "During my trip, I visited four states that I'd never been to before - Massachusets, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. It was a great opportunity to explore a new part of the country. I met some really inspirational people and learned a lot along the way. I attended seminars, where I met some of my favorite authors and athletes. I also watched the Boston Marathon and saw some of the fastest runners in the world compete alongside wheelchair and hand cycle athletes. To be so close to the finish line and experience all that positive energy was awesome.

   At times, I almost felt like I'd treveled back in time. Between the Freedom Trail in Boston and the historical tour of Salem, I saw a lot of American History come to life."
   Maggie had been in close contact with several OM members living in the area and was even able to plan a hike with them through a portion of the Appalachian Trail!

   "It was great to actually meet them in person. The hike was beautiful, and we even got to explore some of the Appalachian Trail the next morning!" 
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