Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Friday we posted the top ten New Years resolutions to our Facebook page. In case you missed it, here they are.

10: Get Organized

9: Help Others

8: Learn something new

7: Get out of Debt

6: Quit Drinking

5: Enjoy Life More

4: Quit Smoking

3: Tame the Bulge

2: Fit in Fitness

1: Spend more time with Friends and Family

As I read this list, I couldn’t help but think of the times in my life where I chose to resolve one of these items in one way or another. Some were more difficult tasks than others, aka-quitting smoking (best decision of my life!) But as I finished reading the list, I began to think about how my resolutions have evolved in conjunction with my lifestyle choices and values.

In 2006, I traveled west of Chicago for the first time in my life and found myself immersed in the Rocky Mountains. From this point in my life until now, the outdoors has been a very inspiring and therapeutic place for me. How could it not be though? Each year, getting outside more than the year before has been tops on my list (especially fly fishing!)
As I gear up for 2011, getting outside more makes the top of my list once again. Having a connection to close friends and an organization such as OM has instilled an appreciation for being able to embark on each adventure the outdoors provides. For this I am thankful.

So here’s to an active and adventurous 2011, no matter what kind of obstacles may arise!

See you on the river!