Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outdoor Mindset is Tramping for Treatment in New Zealand!

So a long, long time ago (ie November) when all of this brain stuff with Kyle was first going down, we got the travel bug. I say 'we', but Kyle was really the ‘mind’ behind this genius idea. After all, travel and adventure are sometimes the best medicine and that’s exactly what Kyle needed. In fact, that was what we all needed. We needed a two week, all out adventure to New Zealand and we wasted no time planning this excursion. Before we knew it, we had racked up 10 amazing friends and individuals (7 of who are on the Board of Directors for Outdoor Mindset!) who were ready to buy tickets for this trip. We booked our tickets in February and immediately started a countdown for our departure.

Along the way, we tried to figure out exactly what we wanted to do while in New Zealand, but the truth of the matter was we wanted to do it all! So we decided to dominate just the south island, and pack in the activities. We fly into Christchurch on April 25th and jump in our 11 person van with a gear trailer and take off to Braemar Station, where we’ll be staying in the sheep shearer’s quarters overlooking the lake. The next day we drive to Queenstown and hit the Routeburn Track for 3 days! The Routeburn track is one of the “Great Walks”, so we’re really excited to see what all the hype’s about. After 3 days on the trail, we’ll go to Milford Sound for the night after our hike and take in all the beauty it has to offer. Then it’s back to Queenstown to do some crazy adventure stuff for a couple of days and pick up David (the 10th member of the group!) The second week of the trip is our PIBE week (Play It By Ear- Kyle’s favorite saying). Here are the things we KNOW we are doing at some point or another: staying at a Schoolhouse hostel in Okarito, driving up north and hiking/exploring along the way, see some whales and dolphins, drink some wine, hike and play, etc. The last 3 days of the trip, we’ll be at this amazing beach house in Picton where we are right on the water, down the street from wineries, hiking, and relaxation!

This trip is so appropriate at this time because things have been so hectic lately for all of us: moving, bills, brains, work, car problems…. This list can always go on. But the one thing that’s truly amazing is that we can put ALL that stuff on the back burner for two weeks and experience a beautiful place we’ve never been before. We can laugh at the funny accents (no offense anyone), enjoy the amazing scenery, hike in the beautiful mountains, and get to our ‘zen place’… the outdoors. That’s the one bond that really pulls us all together and makes us all so passionate about Outdoor Mindset and the benefits it can bring to individuals facing challenges in their lives. Think of this trip to New Zealand as a ‘test kitchen’ for Outdoor Mindset. While living the active, adventurous lives we all love, we want to see how far removed we can get from the pain-in-the butt portions of our lives and evaluate the benefits we will undoubtedly receive from this trip. Wish us luck…. I think this research is going to give us positive results.

Bon Voyage!


  1. I love it! So jealous, glad I can follow along.

  2. Looking forward to following your adventures. Have a great time. Love you guys!
    Mom & Dad

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