Sunday, July 22, 2012


We are so excited to announce a new partnership with Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, an organization we have greatly admired from our creation and along every step of the way. Can Do MS is a leading provider of innovative lifestyle empowerment programs for people with MS and their support partners. Leveraging the powerful legacy and principles of former Olympian and organizational founder Jimmie Heuga, Can Do MS has helped thousands of people living with MS reclaim a sense of dignity, control and freedom by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to transform challenges into possibilities.

What inspires us most about Can Do MS, and probably what connects us most deeply, as well, is their positive outlook on living with a neurological challenge. They say that by focusing on what you can do, their programs can provide a whole new way of thinking about and living with MS. And now, as a partner of Outdoor Mindset, we can focus on ways to do this together to serve all of our members!

We've made some great strides on being able to serve our community of MS Members, and our partnership with Can Do MS is going to provide us even more opportunities and insights on where we should go next. Here's a great story from one of our Outdoor Mindset Members and Guides living with MS, with a serious 'can do' attitude, who recently enjoyed a great hike with through OM Meet-Up Groups:

Sandy joined Outdoor Mindset looking for some hiking partners. Sandy is a massive and serious hiker and after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, continued her hiking passion using forearm crutches (along with doing some other awesome adaptive sports like monoskiing and handcycling!) She says she's still a pretty serious hiker, although she's had to adjust her expectations a bit with a slower pace. She's had trouble finding hiking partners because her pace is a little slower than the average hiker, however she can seriously hike all day - like 11 miles!

Sandy attended a recent Outdoor Mindset Meet-up Group doing the Twin Lakes Hike near Boulder, and here's what she had to say after:

"It was so wonderful for me to have such great company for a hike in one of my favorite places in the world. And I think we were so well matched as far as hiking ability! And how wonderful to have hiking companions that were not freaked out by my crutches and I wasn't the weird, disabled one trying to keep up with the able-bodied folks. Instead, I just was one of the group and it was so very lovely. Thank you so much for setting this up!"

And Sandy wasn't the only one feeling inspired that day. Another hiker from the Meet-Up group wrote in:
"It was good to spend time with others who have similar conditions.  And what an inspiration Sandy is -  wow."

I'd say that was a pretty exceptional day for all! We are SO thrilled to be able to help nurture this experience between our Members and can't wait to spread the love with Can Do MS, as well!

Don't forget to check out our Meet-Up Groups in:
Boulder, CO 
Hanover, NH
Cincinnati, OH 
...and more to come!


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