Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . LIFTOFF

Outdoor Mindset has officially launched! Yipee! We have been talking about this day for months now, and I am so proud that we are finally here! Thanks for everyone’s support this past weekend at Foothills Community Park. The Chili Cook-off was a huge success! We raised $2,000 dollars for our organization that unites and inspires people affected by neurological challenges to live big through a common passion for outdoor adventure.

In concepting our first event, the marketing team pitched many ideas to the board, but in the end, everyone agreed on the Chili Cook-off idea. Every board member was to bring a chili and we would invite friends and family to come and “vote” for their favorite! Uniting food, friends and the outdoors was a perfect fit for our Launch event. “Let the competition begin!” was heard from Boulder to Breckenridge. And then of course the trash talking began . . . .

The day of the party came, the weather was perfect and everyone was a buzz with excitement! The crock pots were lined up and labeled - ready for the competition to begin!

1. Boyd’s Heart Healthy Turkey Chili
2. Jill’s White Bean Green Chili WONDER!!!
3. Brian’s White Chicken Chili
4. Kyle’s Hot + Healthy Bubblies!
5. Adam’s Insanity
6. Kellyn’s Turkey - NO BEAN
7. Sara’s Texas Bowl O’ Red
8. Heather Tarantula Tom’s Steak Chili
9. Eric’s Turkey Green Chili

Many guests at the OM Launch event took their sampling very seriously. One tester event brought his own notebook to take notes so he could profile all the flavors and make a serious contribution to his favorite! I just loved it! Everyone got to taste the chili’s, sample the sides, devour the desserts, play corn hole, Frisbee with the dogs or go for a quick hike under that gorgeous Colorado blue sky! The day way just perfect.

As the Cowboys defeated the Texans on the mini flat screen TV, the chili’s began disappearing one by one. So who came out the VICTOR in this race? Green vs. Red? Beans vs. No Beans? Steak vs. Tofu?

And the winner is . . . . . . KYLE! with a close second going to ERIC.

Congrats gentleman!

Thank you to our sponsors who helped with the event. The OM board members for providing chili and condiments, New Belgium for providing the frosty beverages and Eco Cycle for the composting containers- keeping the event zero-waste!

Thanks again to everyone who came and donated! We are already looking forward to the next OM event to come so stay tuned . . .

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